I'm so excited to have a space for writing here!

In addition to photography, I love writing and have been doing so professionally for years. I am part of a four-person writing team for a blog called, Good Word Project. There, we choose one word per month, and we each take a weekly turn writing about our perspective on that word. It is a faith-based, joy project that we feel called to do. Every word is prayed over, and we include both personal experiences, as well as scriptural references to encourage and equip our readers in their Christian faith.

My most recent passion combines both writing and photography. Brighter Magazine is a one-of-a-kind lifestyle magazine for women affected by cancer. When a woman is diagnosed with cancer, everything in her life changes - from her physical appearance to her emotional state, from her fitness routine to her fashion choices. Her need for relational connection may expand, while her capacity to engage may decrease. Her diet, skincare and hobbies are all likely to morph. Her whole world is impacted during and after treatment, and Brighter is there every step of the way. With a positive approach, engaging stories and relevant information, the magazine packages it all in full-color, elegantly designed pages that let women know they're not alone. Brighter Magazine is the "Girlfriend's Guide" and "Cancer Companion" that consistently offers an encouraging word, a helpful tip and a story of someone going through very similar experiences. It's a privilege to write, edit and photograph for this purposeful publication.

I'm also hoping to use this space for additional thoughts that press into my heart and need to be shared. My life verse is Hebrews 10:24, which says: And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. So, most things I do and say are for the purpose of love, encouragement and service. If I can, I'm going to do my small part to leave a positive impact. Yes, I'm an optimist. But mostly, I just want to love God and people well, and my hope is that my life and writing reflect that.

Thanks for reading this introduction! More to come in the future...I hope you'll stay connected!